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is a line of switch-mode rectifiers designed to meet all galvanic surface treatment requirements. Based on high speed IGBT technology, they provide high efficiency and performance. Quasar rectifiers adopt pulse width modulation (PWM) technique for the controlling of current amplitude.
  Machine Types  
DC - Direct Current (forward)
DCR - Direct Current Reverse (forward and reverse)
PP - Pulse Plating (forward)
PPR - Pulse Plating Reverse (forward and reverse)
  Main Features  
Electrical features
Energy saving & high accuracy
> High speed IGBT technology
> Modular power platform and multi-tower interconnection
> Microprocessor controlled
> Up to 40% power saving versus Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR)
> Cos Ř = 0.93 at rated load
> Low output current ripple
> High precision voltage and current regulation (1000 steps)
> Fast response time and high stability to load variation (~1ms)
Hardware features
Space saving & easy capacity increase
> 43 x 43cm base size and 15 to 170cm height
> Light weight (from 25kg)
> Modular and multi-tower construction
> Main switch and operator panel in the front
> All input/output connections in the back for easy access
Software features
> Simple output parameters and waveform programming from the operator panel, remote control or PC/PLC (current, voltage, cycle time and ramp time)
> Customized software available
> A/h and A/min meters for precise thickness and dosing pumps control
  Operation Modes  
> Manual (Through operator panel or remote control)
> Automatic (Via PC or PLC)

  Available Interfaces  
> RS485 *
> RS232 *
> Profibus-DP
> DeviceNet
> Analogue 0-10V
> Analogue 4-20mA
    * Standard feature
  Cooling systems  

Air cooled system

Water cooled system

  Comparison chart  
  Thyristor   Switching
control type
control type
voltage control
current control
Output current ripple high at low voltage high low
< 0.5% or < 3.0%
Efficiency acceptable low high
87% (typ.)
Power factor good bad high
> 93%
Regulation speed slow slow high
very high
Response time to load variation slow slow high
very high (≈ 1ms)
Accuracy good acceptable very high
1/1000 of max current or voltage
Shift phase yes yes no
cos Ř = 1
Control type voltage / current voltage / current voltage / current
current / voltage
Parallelability (multi-tower) possible not easy very difficult easy in current mode
easy in current and voltage mode
Losses at no load / Vout ON high high low
Losses at no load / Vout OFF low high low
Reverse speed (DCR & PPR type) very slow very slow fastest only in current mode
fastest in both voltage and current mode

Last update: May/20/2010